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Volunteering at KTBLC

Volunteers that apply to work with PUB will teach at the Kaw Tha Blay Learning Centre. We are located in Thailand, and work with students from Myanmar. 

Skilled medical professionals can apply to volunteer at the Mae Tao Clinic (with guidance from PUB) and/or directly to the clinic. 

Mae Sot is a border city 8 hours by bus and 1 hour by plane northwest of Bangkok, and 6 hours southwest of Chiang Mai. The Kaw Tha Blay Learning Centre is 2 hours north of Mae Sot, integrated into a small Thai Karen Village. The buildings are simple wood and concrete structures. Water is piped from nearby springs and streams, and toilets and showers are operated by bucket. The school has electricity throughout, and we are very lucky to have wireless internet. We have four student dormitories, two classroom buildings, a computer room, an office, and a staff house, surrounded by gardens and fruit trees.

Volunteers who stay for at least three months are provided accommodations and food. There is also a guesthouse 5km away. KTBLC is in a village with small corner shops selling snacks and basic cosmetic products, and a ten minute drive or linebus ride to Mae Tan, a Thai town with a market and most products available. 

Karen teachers, students, and long-term volunteers live at the school. We now have a large wood house with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a staff kitchen and common areas. Fresh, healthy food is provided by our kitchen manager Naw Bwa, as well as drinking water, mosquito nets and bedding. 

We have 5 full-time Karen teachers (Computers, Math, Thai, Community Health, English) and aim for at least 2 volunteers at a time. Volunteers generally teach English, using content from many subject areas, and also might teach computers, agriculture, math, accounting, health, human rights, leadership, journalism, science, etc. There is a basic curriculum and many resources to guide new volunteers, as well as room for each teacher to add their own interests and skills. 

The school year starts at the end of May and ends in mid-March. Breaks are taken in October and at the Karen New Year, usually in late December. Exams are in October and March, and graduation at the end of the year. 

Students have a busy schedule at KTBLC. School days start with study time from 6-7am and end with study time from 7-9pm. There are six classes per day, from 8-12 and 1-3. After class, students and teachers work together on maintenance/building/farming, and many play volleyball, football, badminton, and caneball in the late afternoon.

To prepare, please review the WHO website or your government’s travel website for required vaccinations and suggested malaria medication. Be aware of the local geography and climate for the time of year you will be visiting. Most volunteers will require a tourist visa from a Thai embassy or consulate. Please also take some time to learn about the local political situation (see our resources page for suggestions). 

If you are interested, please get in touch with us to talk about it more! Every volunteer offers something unique to our students.